Extending Education, Generation to Generation

Donald and Ann Bolton

Donald Bolton and his wife, Ann, hope their gift eases the way for future educators studying at Cal State LA.
Emilio Flores, Cal State LA Photographer

Having spent his entire career in education as a teacher and an administrator, primarily in the Los Angeles Unified School District, Donald Bolton reached countless adolescents during formative periods in their lives. Now, thanks to a beneficiary designation through Donald’s bank account, his impact will extend even further.

“There are all sorts of things you can do if you’re willing to make a commitment, and this commitment can have a profound impact on kids,” Donald says. “To me, giving back is very fulfilling. It makes life worthwhile.”

Donald worked a variety of jobs while pursuing his Bachelor of Arts in social studies and his Master of Arts in secondary school administration. It was difficult at times to juggle both work and school. He hopes that his gift will ease the path for future educators studying at Cal State LA.

“There’s no question that Don’s gift will provide needed support for future educators preparing for meaningful careers like his. They will carry on his legacy,” says Dr. Cheryl Ney, dean of the Charter College of Education. “Through the generosity of Don and his wife, Ann, the lives of children and youth in our region will be transformed.”

The decision to leave a future gift was not complicated for Donald, nor was the process.

“I’m not the only one who’s able to do this. I’m comfortable, but I’m not a wealthy person,” Donald says. “I hope this stimulates other people in my same circumstances to make a beneficiary designation as well.

“After all,” he adds, “at the end, what is life worth?”

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